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Revenue Wise Presents

How to Design an Innovative Retreat
Your Attorneys Will Love

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Workshop is Offered On Two Days

Nov 10th

11am - 12:00 pm Pacific 2pm - 3:00 pm Eastern

Nov 15th

11am - 12:00 pm Pacific 2pm - 3:00 pm Eastern

David Adams

Presented by

Revenue Wise Founder

David Adams

In this live FREE, workshop, 
you will…

  • Learn how to get your attorneys to agree on a common purpose and agenda
  • Learn to design innovative retreats that will engage all your attorneys
  • Learn the five steps that can make every retreat a success
  • Begin designing your own retreat using our AudienceFirst planning template
  • Learn how other successful firms are designing innovative retreats

IDEAL AUDIENCE: If you are a legal marketer, involved in any aspect of the retreat process, and are tired spending tons of time and  ending up with a “business-as-usual” retreat, join us to learn the secrets of designing innovative and engaging retreats. 

FREE TEMPLATE: You will receive a copy of our AudienceFIRST planning template when you join the program.

Follow this approach and make your retreat a success.     


Improve Your Retreat Skills. Delight Your Attorneys.

While becoming an expert in retreat design, development and delivery takes time, by using the AudienceFIRST framework you can have an immediate, positive impact at your next retreat planning meeting.

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