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Oct 6th

11am - 12:00 pm Pacific 2pm - 3:00 pm Eastern

Oct 20th

David Adams

Presented by

Revenue Wise Founder

David Adams

If you are like most legal marketers, the single most obvious and high potential opportunity for generating more firm business is just outside your control – the presentations and talks your attorneys are already doing. But…

In this live FREE, workshop, 
you will Learn…

  • Why attorney presentations and talks don’t create new business
  • How good strategy and planning get better results than charisma
  • The 5 critical things your attorneys MUST do in their presentations to generate new relationships
  • How to help your attorneys define their personal brand

You’ll also receive the How to Become A Recognized Expert module from our full program and be trained in how to use it with your attorneys. You’ll get the training module, worksheet and video for your use.

We interviewed 89 marketing professionals and this is we found:

  • While the putative purpose of attorney presentations and talks is to generate clients and relationships,  they are seldom, if ever, designed with this in mind – and don’t really create new business.
  • Attorneys seem to be notorious for producing tedious and uninteresting slides, handouts and presentations. Relief is the most common result – relief that the presentation is over.
  • 95% of respondents reported they did not have a systematic process for attorneys to follow to find, create, deliver and follow-up on speaking opportunities.


Presentations and public speaking are an enormous part of most firms’ budgets:

  • Event Sponsorhip: Many firms allocate bit ticket budget lines to take advantage of these branding and presentation opportunties
  • Travel and Accomodations: make up another large portion of firm dollars spent getting attorneys in front of audiences and networking
  • Attorney Time: This is the huge hidden cost that few if any firms are actually tracking. Attorneys spend anywhere from 4 hours freshening up an existing relevant presentation to 40 hours creating a new one.

High Value Presentations gives attorneys a simple, quick process to create meaningful and effective presentations that generate clients and relationships as well as establishing their personal brand.

Finally, all the time, money and energy your firm is putting into speaking and branding opportunities can pay off.


We’ve been working with attorneys for over 11 years and just like you, we know how difficult it is to get the time and commitment from attorneys to do training programs

That’s why we’ve designed High Value Presentations to be a Learn-as-You-Do program. In this training, attorneys move through the program by creating their next presentation (or a Signature Talk presentation) using our unique worksheet. This worksheet guides the attorney to further training, resources and information for any part of the presentation design or delivery process.




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