BDWise Program

Business Development Training


“It’s about time someone developed a 
BD training program that works for all my attorneys, 
doesn’t break the bank and is easy to roll out. Thanks David!”
— CMO, AMLAW 200 Firm


David Adams

“Hi, I’m David Adams, Founder & CEO of Revenue Wise.
I have been asked for years to convert the content and success we have had with our one-on-one coaching program into an affordable and scalable BD training program. Well, I finally did. The BDWise program consists of a series of engaging, live webinars and powerful online lessons that easily fit into a busy attorney’s schedule.”

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A Long History of Success

For over fifteen years, we have been helping attorneys at leading law firms produce significant growth in their originations. You can read about all our results on the Success Stories page, but here are a few highlights:

  • A 3rd year litigation partner, in a 90-person litigation boutique, grew her originations from $0 to $5,000,000 in three years.
  • A 10th year corporate partner, in an AMLAW 100 firm in Silicon Valley, grew his originations from $900,000 to $6,700,000 in five years.
  • A 5th year employment partner, in an AMLAW 100 firm, grew his originations from $200,000 to $1,100,000 in two years.


Making it Easy for Legal Marketers

We know that your participation and support is crucial to the success of any business development program you decide to implement. So, we explicitly designed this program with both you and your attorneys in mind.
In a recent survey we conducted, legal marketers told us these five elements were essential to any program they selected:

  • It needs to be a safe choice. BDWise is a proven program, that produces real results. You can feel confident recommending the program to your firm management and attorneys.
  • It must be affordable. Since budgets are often shrinking, we made the BDWise program super-affordable, so you can train more of your attorneys and have a bigger impact on revenue growth.
  • The curriculum needs to be customizable. We customize our curriculum to fit the seniority of your attorneys, their business development strengths and their specific practice areas.
  • The program must be easy to roll out. The rollout is turnkey and seamless, requiring a minimum of effort on your part. Further, when the time comes, the program can easily be scaled to more attorneys throughout the entire firm.
  • We also want to learn new skills. For legal marketers who want to coach more of their attorneys, we have designed an approach to help you learn these valuable skills and work with your attorneys between lessons. Plus, you can attend the program for free!


Benefits You Can Count On

Our program is very results oriented. When your attorneys engage fully in the program and follow our suggestions, they can expect the following benefits:

  • Double their originations in the next one-to-four years.
  • Significantly improve their business development skills.
  • Reduce their resistance to doing business development.
  • Develop the habits of the most successful business developers.
  • Become a Recognized Expert in their chosen practice area.
  • Develop and implement a realistic Go-To-Market plan.


Program Overview

Our program is very results oriented. When your attorneys engage fully in the program and follow our suggestions, they can expect the following benefits:

  • The program is delivered over ten months.
  • The program consists of ten live webinars and online lessons.
  • All webinars are recorded for those who miss a lesson or want to review it later.
  • The program is available 24/7 in your firm’s own private, cloud-based learning system.
  • Attorneys’ Go-To-Market Plan and results are tracked online.
  • Firm can track attendance and progress.


Simple to Follow Model

The BDWise program is based on consistently delivering superior value to your target clients and prospects. If your attorneys continually deliver superior value — as they conduct these four core activities — they will grow their books of business and become Recognized Experts in their fields.

Superior Value

Program Lessons

The curriculum of the BDWise program is built around these four modules and twelve topics. Detailed information about our curriculum is available upon request.

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Define Your Practice Focus & Expert Brand

  • Define your Recognized Expert Position
  • Develop a Superior Service Offering
  • Develop an effective Go-To-Market Plan

Execute Your Plan & Generate Contacts

  • Develop a compelling Verbal Business Card
  • Write a great profile and learn to “monetize” LinkedIn
  • Learn to comfortably and successfully network

Nurture Contacts & Convert to Clients

  • Learn our consultative selling method
  • Build a sales pipeline of high-value contacts and clients
  • Learn to use speaking opportunities to secure work

Delight Clients & Scale Your Practice

  • Convert clients into “promoters” (referral sources)
  • Learn to delight clients and scale your practice
  • Build successful habits


Is the BDWise Platform Right for Your Attorneys?

The BDWise program is ideally suited for attorneys who are ready to accelerate the growth of their practices and are senior enough to at least participate in pitches to their target clients.

Are your attorneys voicing any of these challenges?

If they are, this program will help them overcome these problems:

“I dislike doing Business Development, but need a way to overcome my resistance and get into action.”

“I wish there was a method that worked with my personality and busy schedule.”

“I am motivated to do BD, but I need to be more effective. I’m spending too much time bouncing around doing “random acts of marketing.”

“I have an adequate book of business, but I need tips and support to take my originations to the next level.”

“I need to build a bigger book of business to make equity partner.”


Next Steps

If you want to find out if the BDWise Program is right for your firm…

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