LinkedIn Services

We have developed the most effective LinkedIn Program for lawyers. This program is ideal for lawyers who want to quickly learn to use the program, get found online, be viewed as an expert, and generate new clients.

Key Takeaways

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Write a profile that enhances your ranking in LinkedIn and Google search engine results, quite possibly at the top.
  • Quickly build a useful network: export your contacts from Outlook and import them into LinkedIn, connect with alumni, past colleagues, and the key people in your industry.
  • Learn how to stay “top-of-mind” with your contacts. You will learn how to send useful content, set follow up reminders, and annotate records with helpful notes.
  • Master the advanced search techniques to find your ideal clients.
  • Develop appropriate strategies for requesting introductions from connections.
  • Find, join, and participate in useful groups where you can build your reputation and meet potential clients.

What Sets Our LinkedIn Program Apart

Here are some of the things that clients like about our program:

  • Written Just for Lawyers: This program is written exclusively for lawyers. All of the procedures, terminology, and examples are drawn from over twelve years of our experience in coaching and training lawyers.
  • Business Development Focus: Many LinkedIn programs teach a myriad of techniques not necessary for business development. Our program focuses exclusively on teaching the features that help lawyers grow their practices.
  • Based on Best Practices: We based this program on the most effective LinkedIn techniques. For instance, we know what it takes to have a LinkedIn profile appear at the top of the search results and therefore we develop profiles accordingly. We know why one profile is read over another. We know the most effective ways to raise your visibility within your network, without becoming burdensome.
  • Proven to Work: The class has been field-tested and proven successful with some of the most time-challenged lawyers.
  • Beneficial to All Lawyers: This program has been taught to lawyers across all fields (transactional lawyers and litigators) and all seniorities (from first-year’s through senior partners).
  • Lawyers Complete Real Work in Class: Classes are designed so that real work is accomplished in class. In this program, lawyers develop profiles in advance of class and post them during class, learn to add contacts, search for new clients, and create their personal brands.
  • Stealth Method of Building a Personal Brand: There is an optional section in the user guide that walks lawyers through articulating their target clients, core value proposition, and points of difference.

Program Overview

While we can customize the curriculum, we have found this format to be very effective.

  1. Class One: Write the Optimum Profile.
  2. Class Two: Post Your Profile and Learn to Use LinkedIn.
  3. Class Three: Find Clients and Build Your Personal Brand.

Delivery Methods/Content Format

Delivery Methods: The program can be delivered by our trainers or your staff.

Content Format: The class can be taught in a traditional classroom format where each person has their own computer, using an interactive webinar, or in one-on-one sessions.

Seminar-in-a-Box: For those who want to deliver the program themselves, we have packaged the program into a complete “seminar-in-a-box.” It contains everything you need including a leader guide, user guide, webinar slides, webinar script, pre-work instructions, LinkedIn profile form, and program roadmap.


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