Practice & Industry Group Consulting

If you find it hard to build high performance practice and industry groups, you are not alone. Only 13% of firms surveyed rated the majority of their groups’ performances as “excellent”.

Our PracticeLaunch program is a proven roadmap to success.

PracticeLaunch Program Stages

While the details of each assignment differ, we follow a similar roadmap for each project. This roadmap is codified in the principles, practices and processes of our PracticeLaunch Program.

  1. Conduct Discovery & Analysis. Assignments often begin with a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis. Depending on the size of the group, firm, and budget, this can be a quick conversation with key team members or a thorough examination.
  2. Establish Team Goals. Next, we gather the goals and agendas from all of the interested parties (management, leaders, and team members) and use this information to formulate a simple set of objectives to guide the team’s efforts.
  3. Develop an Improvement Plan. From this foundation, we develop an improvement plan. In addition to performance metrics and accountability procedures, it can include any or all of the following elements:
    • Business Model. Refine the group’s business model. This sets forth group’s focus, value proposition, and the logic behind how the group will make money, serve clients, and expand market share.
    • Action Plan. Develop a short, easy-to-implement Go-To-Market plan that focuses on business development (finding new clients, growing existing clients, and cross-selling other practice areas) and practice development (adding new lawyers, systems, and procedures).
    • Client Growth Plans. Institute client loyalty and growth plans. This can include client teams for key clients.
    • Leadership Training. Conduct lawyer-specific Leadership training.
    • Improve Meetings. Teach leaders and team members how to have productive meetings.
    • Improve Biz Dev Skills. Conduct business development skills training for the group’s lawyers.
    • Conduct Research. Gain insight into your competitors, the industry, and target clients.
    • Improve Teamwork. Improve team effectiveness and reduce dysfunction and infighting.


Here are several key aspects that distinguishes our PracticeLaunch Program:

  • A proven methodology for improving practice and industry groups.
  • Designed exclusively for law firms.
  • Twelve years of results.
  • Deep experience working with law firms of all sizes and in virtually all practice areas, throughout the country.
  • Skilled coaches and consultants who are trained in the latest leadership and team effectiveness methods.
  • Professionals who understand how to produce results within any law culture and know how to “herd cats.”