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How Senior Lawyers Can Develop Business, Even as They Cut Back

By    Category Business Development, Career Development, Client Development

Takeaway: There can come a time in a senior partner’s life when they want to reduce their workload and enjoy life more. Unfortunately, there is rarely a good protocol for doing this successfully.... Read More »

How Lawyers Can Develop Powerful Brands

By    Category Branding, Business Development, How We Can Help, Marketing, Resources

Takeaway: Products and services with strong brands have always outsold those with weak brands. Lawyers can now reap the rewards of having a strong brand by following the simple steps outlined in this... Read More »

How To Succeed at Each Stage of Your Legal Career

By    Category Career Development, Personal Growth

Takeaway: Advancing to the next stage in your legal career requires much more than being a good lawyer. You must develop the right “identity” — the beliefs, capabilities and behaviors —... Read More »

Well-Run Lawyer Teams Can Increase Firm Revenues and Profits

By    Category Business Development, Client Teams, How We Can Help, Industry Groups, Practice Groups, Resources

Takeaway: Well-run client service and business development teams increase revenue and profits. In-house counsels are demanding better teamwork. Unfortunately, law firms can often be plagued by poor... Read More »

Business Development Coaching for Lawyers is the Best Way to Learn New Skills

By    Category Business Development, Coaching, Training

Takeaway: More than ever, law firms need to teach their lawyers to be more effective business developers. While training has its place, it is the least effective method of teaching new skills. In... Read More »

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