How Lawyers Can Develop Powerful Brands

Takeaway: Products and services with strong brands have always outsold those with weak brands. Lawyers can now reap the rewards of having a strong brand by following the simple steps outlined in this article. The chief benefit of a well-known personal brand is it “pre-sells” clients on your services. Brands Drive Purchases When you head out to buy a car, a kitchen appliance – or even a... Read More »

Well-Run Lawyer Teams Can Increase Firm Revenues and Profits

Takeaway: Well-run client service and business development teams increase revenue and profits. In-house counsels are demanding better teamwork. Unfortunately, law firms can often be plagued by poor teamwork. But, there is solution to overcome the most common challenges facing all teams. In-House Counsel Want Good Teamwork from the firms they Hire In a recent study of 250 in-house counsel, at... Read More »

For Lawyers, the 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

Takeaway: Securing a new client is only the first phase of an ongoing process. It takes a concentrated effort to ensure clients remain loyal for life. This article explains ten sure-fire ways to keep your clients loyal and happy. Securing a New Client is the Easy Part While it can take a long time and considerable effort, securing a new client is only the first step in ongoing process. Once a... Read More »

The Five Steps of Business Development for New Law Firm Partners

Takeaway: The attitudes and behaviors that make a successful senior associate are the not the same ones that make a successful partner, particularly when it comes to business development. This article explores the challenges associates facing making the leap to partner and provides simple plan to help them get started. The New Reality for Junior Partners One day, you’re a highly regarded... Read More »

How Lawyers Can Conduct Successful Pitch Meetings

Takeaway: Due to busy schedules, lawyers often neglect to prepare adequately for pitch meetings. This leaves them unprepared to address the real concerns of the client and reduces their chances of winning. Furthermore, once at the meeting, some lawyers can spend too much time talking about themselves; thus, limiting their opportunity to uncover the client’s real needs. Read on to learn about... Read More »