Why Us

Here some of the things clients have told us they like about our professionals and our services:

  • Clear Focus on Revenue Growth. We never lose sight of the fact that law firms hire us ultimately to help their lawyers and groups grow real revenue – revenue based on new clients and matters – not by rate increases.
  • Demonstrable Return on Investment. Clients always earn back significantly more than they invest in our business development programs.
  • Satisfied & Repeat Clients. Probably the greatest testimony of our effectiveness is our list of ongoing, satisfied clients. Most firms standardize our programs and repeat them year-after-year.
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Law Firms / Broad Base of Experience. Having worked with law firms for over 20 years, we truly understand how they operate. We know how to produce results within highly politicized environments and navigate the core power structure.
  • Deep Understanding of How Lawyers Operate. Our understanding of how lawyers work allows us to effectively motivate and draw out the best in each lawyer. This understanding translates to deep rapport with all participants, allowing for the effective transfer of our knowledge to everyone involved.
  • Partnering With In-House Marketing and Professional Development Teams. Our most successful assignments are where we work closely with the people leading the initiative of the firms’ goals. Where practical and wanted, we form close ties to the marketing and business development managers who are working with the lawyers in the program to insure delivery of those goals.
  • Competency-Based Programs. What drives new originations is the optimal combination of attitudes, behaviors, and competencies. Our programs are competency based. This means specific skills can be taught, reinforced, and measured.

Contact Us

We can be reached at:

Revenue Wise, Inc.
1000 Fourth Street, Suite 595
San Rafael, CA 94901

David Adams