Our focus is helping law firms grow real revenue — revenue that comes from new clients and new matters, not from rate increases.  We help lawyers, practice groups and ultimately, law firms, become more successful.

Past clients have averaged an 800% return on their investment in our programs.

Our service model is based on the obvious, but often overlooked principle of placing clients at the center of your business model — aligning all your people and processes to give them what they want, in the way they want.




Our services are organized around these areas:

  • Lawyers Services. We help your lawyers become better business developers. Learn More
  • LinkedIn Services. Many consider our LinkedIn program for Lawyers to be the best available. Learn More
  • Practice & Industry Group Services. We help your team leaders and their group members increase revenue, deepen client loyalty, and improve overall team performance. Learn More
  • Client Development Services. We help your firm systematically develop and deepen client loyalty. Learn More
  • Firm Services. We help law firms develop strategies, structures, and plans that measurably grow revenue. Learn More
  • Marketing Department Services. We work with marketing leaders and their teams to optimize the performance of their departments. Learn More
  • Social Media & Content Marketing Services. We help lawyers and practice groups use these powerful tools to build their brands, grow their networks, and generate new leads. Learn More