Business Development Coaching

Our business development coaching program is ideal for partners and senior associates who want an immediate increase in new business and want to develop the necessary skills to maintain their success over time.

The Revenue Wise Program is considered by many to be one of the most effective business development programs available.

It has been field-tested with over 1000 lawyers and proven to work at some of the nation’s leading law firms. Our standard program can be customized to fit your exact specifications, goals, and culture.

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Results You Can Expect

The returns are significant. You can expect these major benefits:

  • The business development program will pay for itself. Securing one decent sized matter pays for the entire program. Securing a few more will generate a several hundred percent return on your investment. Click here for a documented cased study.
  • Your lawyers will develop essential business development skills. These skills will pay dividends for years to come, easily allowing you to recoup your investment in their training.
  • Your lawyers will generate new clients and grow existing clients. During the program, participants are sharply focused on securing new clients and growing existing ones.
  • Your firm will continue to build a business development culture. As you teach more and more of your lawyers these skills, you will hit a tipping point where more lawyers have been trained than not. When this happens, the culture shifts.

Coaching Program Overview

This program begins with one day of immersion training. After the training, all instruction and skill building happens during nine months of highly personalized, one-on-one coaching.

At the halfway point of the program, many firms elect to conduct formal pitch training. During this training, lawyers divide into teams, select actual prospects, and learn how to conduct formal pitches.


  • Nine-month program
  • Two assessments
  • Initial day of “immersion” training
  • Thirteen individual coaching sessions
  • In-Depth Pitch Training
  • Comprehensive self-study guide
  • Online access to cloud-based learning system