Client Development Services

The best predictor of long-term success is an increasing number of happy and loyal clients. Loyal clients are less rate sensitive, less inclined to use competitors, and are your best source of revenue growth and referrals.

We can help you develop a program that ensures long-term client loyalty and growth.

Results You Can Expect

  • Increased revenue.
  • Greater client loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Protection against competitors.
  • Reduced client acquisition costs.
  • Wider and greater use of the firm’s services.
  • Increased number of referrals.

How We Can Help

We offer our client development services in one of two ways:

  • Individual Services: Each of our services can be purchased separately.
  • Comprehensive Program: Many clients elect to combine several of our individual services into a comprehensive client growth program.

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Individual Client Development Services

These services can be purchased individually or in combination.

  • Client Interviews. Interviewing clients is the only way you can know how you are doing, uncover hidden needs, discover opportunities for growth, learn how to improve the client’s experience, and deepen loyalty.
  • Measuring Loyalty. The only way to determine each client’s level of loyalty is to regularly measure it.
  • Client Service Teams. Client service teams should be assembled for large, key clients. Coordinated teams are the best way to ensure that clients receive extraordinary legal work and service from all lawyers working with the client.
  • Transitioning Key Clients. Losing key clients is costly and unnecessary. We offer a proven, proactive approach, to ensure that clients transition smoothly from one generation to the next.
  • Cross-selling. Cross-selling is something every firm is keen to implement. To grow revenue, we developed a cross-selling program based on improving client service and meeting unmet needs.

Comprehensive Client Development Program

Many of our clients elect to implement our Comprehensive Client Development Program. This program is sharply focused on helping you to develop long-term, loyal clients that grow in scope and depth.

We have found that great firms place client loyalty at the heart of their business models. They focus considerable effort on “developing clients for life.” They never leave this vital task to chance. Interestingly, 44% of firms surveyed had no comprehensive client development plan or way of tracking client loyalty and satisfaction.

Here is a brief overview of our program steps:

  1. Determine objectives.
  2. Identify best target clients.
  3. Develop “client journey map.”
  4. Develop client loyalty and growth plans.
  5. Assemble client service teams.
  6. Conduct client interviews and implement feedback.
  7. Execute loyalty and growth plans.
  8. Measure results and make refinements.
Client Development