Content Marketing Programs

Content marketing is an excellent way to build your reputation amongst a specific audience, increase awareness of your personal brand, and eventually generate new client inquires.

Content Marketing is writing and sharing valuable free content that educates and engages your target clients to such an extent that they view you as the expert in your chosen area. And, overtime they grow to know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.

Does content marketing makes sense for your practice?

Content marketing is not for all lawyers or practice areas. Three things determine if it makes sense:

  1. How regularly your clients use social media and the Internet to locate valuable content and connect with others;
  2. Your willingness and ability to develop valuable content; and
  3. Your willingness to regularly generate content and interact productively with your readers and followers.

Yes, It Makes Sense. If you feel it makes sense, we will help you develop and execute a plan that will build your online reputation and generate client inquires.

No, It Does Not Make Sense. If content marketing does not make sense, we suggest you limit your efforts to using LinkedIn to build your network, raise your visibility, and generate new clients.

Content Marketing Made Easy

We recognize you have little time to devote to content marketing. So, we developed a streamlined approach that works within the constraints of the busy lawyer.

Our approach includes the following steps:

  1. Conduct Research. If you engage in content marketing, you need to begin thinking like a publisher. This requires a keen understanding of what content your target clients most want, what questions they are asking, the main problems they are experiencing, and how they make use of social media.
  2. Content Marketing Approach. We start by helping you to develop a plan that you can execute within the constraints of your practice. It includes:
    • A client engagement map (how will you engage clients throughout their buying process).
    • The ideal social media mix (LinkedIn, Twitter, a blog, targeted emails, webinars, etc.).
    • Content publishing calendar (this lays out the who, what, and when of your publishing strategy).
  3. Execute the plan. Since a lawyer’s time is his or her scarcest resource, we help you execute your plan in the least amount of time.
  4. Measure the results. Using a combination of analytical tools, we measure the number of visitors, the level of engagement and how many are requesting more information.
  5. Refine Plan and Improve Conversion Rate. With information from the analytical tools, we work to improve the conversion rate of your visitors. Conversion is an industry term for how many site visitors execute the designed action (e.g. download a whitepaper, contact you, etc.).