Pitch Training

Our Pitch Perfect Program is ideal for firms that need to improve their pitch win rate. Your lawyers will learn how to successfully pitch individually and as a team. We teach a proven methodology that once learned, allows lawyers from different disciplines and offices to quickly come together to craft and deliver successful pitches.

You can think of this program as a form of “sales training” that is designed specifically for lawyers. We teach a no-pressure, consultative way to conduct pitch meetings.

Program Overview

  • We use a proven pitch methodology that has been taught to over 700 lawyers. The program is taught in two, half-day classes.
  • During the first class, we teach participants our pitch process.
  • In between classes, over the next two weeks, participants divide into pitch teams, select real clients to pitch, and prepare for a pitch competition.
  • During class two, each team competes to practice their newfound skills.
  • After-class, participants are provided with a comprehensive self-study guide for personal study.

Program Benefits

  • Increase your pitch win rate. A recent client went from winning 13% of their pitches to over 56%. Click here to read more about one firm’s results.
  • Quickly prepare for pitches. With a standard method for delivering pitches, preparation is much faster and easier. Lawyers from any office or practice group can quickly come together to develop their strategy and talking points.
  • Marketing can prepare pitch materials faster and more effectively. With a standardized method, pitch support is much more effective. Anyone in marketing can quickly develop materials and provide pitch prep coaching.