How Senior Lawyers Can Develop Business, Even as They Cut Back

Takeaway: There can come a time in a senior partner’s life when they want to reduce their workload and enjoy life more. Unfortunately, there is rarely a good protocol for doing this successfully. Without an explicit way to address this issue, senior lawyers can appear to go into “hiding,” pulling back on their business development efforts. The best approach pairs the senior partner with a... Read More »

How To Succeed at Each Stage of Your Legal Career

Takeaway: Advancing to the next stage in your legal career requires much more than being a good lawyer. You must develop the right “identity” — the beliefs, capabilities and behaviors — needed to succeed at each level. It is important to note that what helped you succeed at one level is not what it takes to succeed at the next higher level. Developing the Optimal Identity A legal career... Read More »

The Five Steps of Business Development for New Law Firm Partners

Takeaway: The attitudes and behaviors that make a successful senior associate are the not the same ones that make a successful partner, particularly when it comes to business development. This article explores the challenges associates facing making the leap to partner and provides simple plan to help them get started. The New Reality for Junior Partners One day, you’re a highly regarded... Read More »