How Lawyers Can Use Personality Assessments To Improve Their Rainmaking Skills

Takeaway: Many attorneys feel that they don’t have the right “type” of personality to be top rainmakers. We have coached hundreds of lawyers, of all personality types, and helped all types succeed. This article explains how you can use different personality assessments to improve your business development skills. Who Makes the Best Rainmakers? When it comes to business development in the... Read More »

The Five Steps of Business Development for New Law Firm Partners

Takeaway: The attitudes and behaviors that make a successful senior associate are the not the same ones that make a successful partner, particularly when it comes to business development. This article explores the challenges associates facing making the leap to partner and provides simple plan to help them get started. The New Reality for Junior Partners One day, you’re a highly regarded... Read More »

How Lawyers Can Conduct Successful Pitch Meetings

Takeaway: Due to busy schedules, lawyers often neglect to prepare adequately for pitch meetings. This leaves them unprepared to address the real concerns of the client and reduces their chances of winning. Furthermore, once at the meeting, some lawyers can spend too much time talking about themselves; thus, limiting their opportunity to uncover the client’s real needs. Read on to learn about... Read More »