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Finally, an easy-to-follow program for developing great presentations that generate clients and build reputations — all in less time.

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Introducing the High Value Presentations Program

Benefits for Legal Marketers

  • We supply all the tools you need to help your attorneys develop great presentations, conduct audience follow-up and create relationships.
  • Ensure your attorneys’ presentations, slides and handouts represent and enhance your firm’s brand
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend helping your attorneys develop slides and presentations.

Benefits for Your Attorneys

  • Generate more contacts, clients and relationships from their presentations.
  • Spend less time developing presentations.
  • Make a better impression on their audiences.
  • Build their reputations as Recognized Experts.

This is Not a “Presentation Skills” Training Program

For most attorneys, ordinary presentation skills training is focused on charisma, liveliness and speech techniques. But, being “boring” is not the problem. The problem is that most attorney presentations, while well intentioned, just don’t generate enough new clients.

To succeed, attorneys only need to deliver effective presentations.

Attorneys Learn As They Develop Their Presentations

“Our “Fast Track” method is specifically designed for the busy attorney who wants to learn how to develop better, more effective presentations, that generate new clients.

Using our unique modular 1 – 2 – 3 approach, attorneys can immediately begin developing their next presentation using our “High Value Presentation Worksheet.” This central document contains everything they need. And when they want to learn more or need help with a particular area, they can simply click the link to the desired training module (no need to spend time on unnecessary modules).



Program Structure

  1. Kickoff Webinar – The Essentials Assess your skills. Begin crafting your presentation. Learn to generate clients.
  2. The High Value Presentation Worksheet – Develop your presentation From one central worksheet, conceive, outline and develop your presentation. When you want to learn more or need help, in-depth topics are just a click away.Self-Guided Modules:
    1. Use Presentations to Generate Clients
    2. Conduct Audience & Topic Research
    3. Understand Your Communication Style
    4. How to Become a Recognized Expert
    5. Develop Compelling Slides
    6. Develop Great Handouts & Your Biz Dev “Hook”
  3. Closing Webinar – Present with Authority Fine-tune your presentation. Learn essential delivery skills and the best ways to follow-up with your audience.

Try a No-Risk Pilot Program

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on your first program

Show Me the Attorney Training Portal

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“I followed your design suggestions and the client hired us for our largest engagement to date. Thanks!”
Startup Partner, AMLAW 200 Firm

attorney headshot

“Thanks David. Your suggestion to offer the audience a free ‘IP Toolkit’ was just what I needed – it generated 9 new leads.”
IP Partner, Regional Full Service firm

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“I would have never put in the effort to connect with the audience before and after the talk. I landed 1 client and 3 leads.”
Senior Litigator, National Employment Firm

Resolving Common Attorney Concerns

“I Don’t Have the Time”

This program saves time. We give your attorneys a proven, repeatable process that results in a great presentation, every time. Plus, as they develop their presentations, they learn.

“How Do I Know It Will Work?”

We have used this system successfully for over 13 years with more than 300 attorneys in our coaching work and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

“Will It Be Worth My While?”

Yes. At a minimum, your attorneys will shave 20% off their development time and when they land just one client, it will more than cover the cost for the entire group.

David Adams smiling with arms crossed
David Adams, CEO of Revenue Wise, Inc.

“Few of my clients are charismatic speakers who want to become great orators. What they want is an easy way to develop a good presentation that generates clients and builds their brands. I designed this program to do just that. It is the only program I know of where you get to learn all the best practices as you develop your presentation.”

David Adams is a seasoned coach, author and speaker. He brings over 20 years of experience to his role helping attorneys and firm leaders improve their business development and presentation abilities. David is expert in helping lawyers, working individually and in practice groups, develop the necessary attitudes, behaviors and capabilities to succeed. He is committed to helping attorneys achieve that ideal combination of professional success and personal fulfillment

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