BDWise: Our “Hybrid” Biz Dev Training Program

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Program Length

The program is delivered over ten months. This allows for optimal learning, repetition and practice.

Live Webinars and Online Lessons

There are ten lessons. Included with each lesson is a live 60-minute webinar delivered by a trainer. Each one is recorded for those who may miss a live class.

Lessons contain instructional guides and worksheets to complete. Most lessons have some pre-work, so your attorneys come to the webinar prepared, and almost all lessons have some post-work.

Lessons Available 24/7

All course material is accessible from our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS). Your firm will have its own private course which contains all the recorded webinars, study guides and worksheets. Each user receives a unique login and password.

Progress & Results Are Tracked Online

Webinar attendance is tracked, as is the completion of each deliverable. Each attorney is given his or her own online worksheet to track their plans, results, best prospects and metrics. You have access to each of these as well.

Peer Group Support

We provide tools and resources for your attorneys to form into 3-person accountability groups. These groups meet between classes, create camaraderie and provide practical support to the participants. Your attorneys will retain more of the information this way and develop stronger biz dev skills.

Opportunity for Marketers to Coach Attorneys

For those marketers that want to do more coaching of their attorneys, we have designed a structured approach to help you learn these valuable skills and work with the participants between lessons.


Typical Course Outline

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While we can customize the curriculum for any level attorney, this is our most common program.

Lesson 1 Program Overview / Become a Recognized Expert
Complete and read MBTI assessment.
Learn overall biz dev process. Learn how to apply MBTI distinctions to more effectively generate new clients. Learn how to develop Recognized Expert position. Work on Recognized Expert worksheet.
Lesson 2 Develop a Superior Service Offering
Learn how to develop a Superior Service Offering and work on Superior Service Offering worksheet.
Lesson 3 Develop a Go-To-Market Plan
Learn how to develop Go-To-Market Plan and learn how to complete the coaching worksheet.
Lesson 4 Build a Powerful Network
Learn how to build your network and develop your “Top 25” list of best contacts.
Lesson 5 Learn an Effective Consultative Sales Process
Learn consultative sales (Acquire) process. Learn how to prepare for and conduct a sales meeting. Learn techniques for making an appropriate “ask” even if they are social contacts.
Lesson 6 Write an Effective LinkedIn Profile
Learn how to write the optimal LinkedIn profile and how to generate clients and build your brand using LinkedIn.
Lesson 7 Develop a Verbal Business Card
Develop and practice Verbal Business Card.
Lesson 8 Learn How to Successfully Attend Events and Conference
Learn how to target the right events. Learn how to comfortably attend events and generate new contacts. Learn a four-step process for interacting with others.
Lesson 9 Use Presentations to Generate Clients
Learn how to develop a Signature Talk that generates clients.
Lesson 10 Put Everything into Practice
Develop the habits of a successful rainmaker. Develop a “BD behavior plan” consisting of the actions you will take each month.


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